What is Counseling

Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.
*American Counseling Association
There are different counseling theories that counselors use in their therapies. Counselors may choose one theory or another depending on the case in hand. Some counselors specialize in one theory or another and others may pick up techniques from different theories depending on the situation. With the fast pace of our lives today, we barely have time to take care of ourselves. Our long ‘To Do’ lists often end up with longer ones of unfinished tasks that add up to our daily stress. We are often stressed by lack of enough time to do what we need to do. We are pressured with simple daily issues that accumulate and add to our stress.

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Why Counseling

People usually ask for counseling during “difficult times”. Times when they feel sad, stressed, angry, or weak and helpless. Our feelings guide our thinking and our thoughts affect the way we feel. As a result, we sometimes get stuck in a vicious cycle and unable to do anything about it. Counselors are professionals who can help you get out of this cycle, using different strategies according to different established counseling theories.
People may seek counseling when facing depression, anger, addiction, anxiety, eating disorder or any other problem or discomfort they feel.

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why Online Counseling?

Online counseling can be by any of email, online chats, phone calls or video calls.

Online counseling has recently emerged as a need in our lives today. Many studies are proving it to have good positive results as traditional counseling and sometimes even more. As we are connected through cyberspace, online counseling can save us time and money as no office or transportation is needed. Some clients think online counseling is even more helpful as they feel easier to express their thoughts from behind the screen instead of facing the counselor. Texting in online counselling also gives both counselors and clients the change to revise their conversations and arrive to better awareness.

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